Hannibal has turned out to be a moderate hit among audiences and critics, so NBC has returned once again to the 90's, having picked up a series based on Outbreak. For those who are reading this on their mom's iPad, possibly in soiled Huggies, Outbreak was a disease-ridden (not in THAT way) film about a virus that pretty much kills everyone and turns the world upside down.

With the release of Contagion almost two years ago, and the improbable success of World War Z (the book and the very different film), I'm comfortable going out on a limb and saying three of something over five years definitely makes for a trend.

In seriousness, this sort of sweeping examination of an epidemic could lend itself very well to serial TV, and while NBC isn't exactly the destination it may have been for compelling drama, this show doesn't feature Chelsea Handler, Dane Cook, or Jenny McCarthy, so we'll call it a win for the network, a win for the viewers, and a win for the world at large.