NBC To Bring Back ‘Heroes’, The Show That Drove Itself Into The Ground

Monday, February 24 by

Few shows in recent memory had a better initial season, only to squander it during its sophomore effort. Heroes is one such show. A show that felt a little bloated and unfocused, but was still very entertaining, in its second season, it sprawled even further and introduced a bunch of stuff no one asked for (time travel?). Nonetheless, NBC, in its infinite wisdom, is bringing it back.

As a miniseries. Without much of the original cast. In 2015.

I’ll let you catch your breath and allow your heart to stop racing.

The return, which will be run by original showrunner Tim Kring, will be titled Heroes Reborn (yuck), and the details are being kept under wraps. The show announced its return with this weird little spot during the Saturday night Olympics.

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