In case you want to know whether or not the events of Breaking Bad could actually happen, you'll get your answer. Adam, Jamie, and the rest of the Mythbusters team will put Breaking Bad up against so many other commonly-held beliefs to see if it's as realistic as we all want to believe it is.

The only myth purported by Breaking Bad that's revealed to be tested was Jesse's destruction of his house through using the wrong container when disposing of a body. It's a little disappointing that's the aspect they picked to pursue when they could have picked the magnets, the great train precursor robbery of 2012, the bomb with Tuco, and about a million other things more fun than bathtub corrosion. On the plus side, Aaron Paul and creator Vince Gilligan will be making appearances on the show.

Whatever. It's Breaking Bad-related, which means it's awesome. Don't argue.