The above clip from is just one of many pantaloon-crappingly funny japes pulled by amateur mountebanks on the new MTV show, "Pranked!"  It's all part of MTV's new-look "Guy Block Thursdays," which debuts Thursday, August 27th at 9PM ET/PT.  And "Pranked!" is but one of four programs designed to tickle your manly bone, which is different from an erection. They have pay-per-view and 99% of the internet for tickling that.

Guy Block Thursday also includes three other shows:

Start out with Season 2 of Rob Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory," a show that banks on the likelihood of Dyrdek doing something really stupid and/or dangerous. Plus kick-ass bulldog companions abound!

Then it's "Bully Beatdown," a revenge-fantasy show where your most hated high-school antagonists meet their MMA matches. O'Doyle does not rule in the Octagon of life. 

Afterward, kick back and let the daredevils of "Nitro Circus" put their lives in danger for your enjoyment. It's as if "Jackass" were put on wheels and turned into an officially sanctioned sport. 

And finishing it out is "Pranked!" Why articulate more about this show with words when we can provide another clip?


So this Thursday, hide the women and children. Because MTV's Guy Block Thursdays will be busting into your living rooms from 9-11PM ET/PT.

That's two hours of entertainment.  Do the math. But don't check it. That's not manly.