I’ve been writing recaps of the show Buzzin’ for the past month. Then one week it just didn’t show up on The MTV. The last episode that aired didn’t seem like any sort of finale. I called the Hollywood police to file a missing show report, but they didn’t seem to understand what I meant.

So I did a little digging around online and this was the first story that I came across, courtesy of the Texas Monitor, centered in McAllen Texas.

Nominate your favorite local artist who you think would be a sure fit for this line-up. Then…staffers will choose six acts who will go head-to-head at Cine El Rey in a showcase to decide who will open for Shwayze!

Wow. Schwayze is playing in McAllen, Texas. And they don’t have an opening act so they’re having people suggest local bands on the comments page of a newspaper. For the sake of background, McAllen, Texas is a town that is phenomenally boring. My parents made me go visit my grandmother there all throughout my wasted childhood. The most exciting thing was going to the Embassy Suites.  So I guess it's good that there are local bands vying to open for Schwayze. Of course, they all have Myspace pages. Here's some of the competition.

In Case of Emergency- And I quote, “We are all truly excited on what God has planned for this band, and we all feel that we all have a purpose through this band to go big, hopefully.” Yeah, that Christian Rock should go over great with Cisco Adler. And his balls.

Lunch- Third place, battle of the bands.

Breakfast Pizza- Yes, they wrap about breakfast, including Hollandaise sauce.

Neptones- The only Ska band in a 400 mile radius.

My plan was to rip on them, but then I realized that each of the bands was really just a bunch of youths trying to live out their rock’n roll dreams. So may the best man-boys win. And in the meantime, someone let me know if they spot Buzzin’ chained up in some creepy dude's basement.

Here's the story from The Monitor