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Further evidence that TV never dissapoints: Tonight’s offering includes a Heroes trip to Mexico (Sprin Break woooo), a delousing of Jack Bauer (who’s now got nothing to lose), and an important history lesson on awesomely brutal Roman war tactics (Caesar-style). Only complaint: not in 3D (3D rocks). Your preview after (the break).

Heroes 9/8c on NBC

Last week, Danko received a little present from an anonymous donor; Rebel was up to some more antics; Parkman had to find a way to save Daphne; and Hiro and Ando discovered that baby Matt has powers. Tonight, Nathan and Claire hide out in Mexico after Nathan’s ability is exposed. Elsewhere, Danko enacts his plan to destroy those with abilities, with help from an unlikely source; and Angela and Peter make strides toward forgiveness while holed up in a church.


24 9/8c on FOX

Last week, the FBI ramps up its search for Jack when he’s blamed for Sen. Blaine Meyer’s death. Meanwhile Jack and Tony hunt for a bioweapon at a shipyard, and Olivia Taylor’s ambitious political decisions prompt calls for changes in her mother’s administration. Tonight, the FBI collaborates with other agencies as theories linking Starkwood and Sangala begin to emerge and thousands of lives are placed in jeopardy.

Battles BC 8/7c on History Channel

Last week explored the biblical Battle of Jericho, in which the Israelites, led by Joshua, seized the walled city. Tonight, in ‘Caesar: Super Siege,’ Julius Caesar’s Siege of Alesia in 52 B.C. is recalled

Late Show Round-Up

–Listed Below from Best to Worst–

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS 

Seth Rogen, Tom Dressen, Adele

Jimmy Fallon 1235/1135c NBC

Bill Hader, Emma Roberts, Glasvegas

Jimmy Kimmel 1205/1105c ABC

The Rock, Kristen Stewart, The Dream

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Vin Diesel, Lisa Lamparelli, Gavin DeGraw

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

William Shatner, Regina King



—no new Conan until June 1st :(

Happy Viewings–

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