Julie Bowen stars as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family, and she's basically the Marge to Ty Burrel's Homer Simpson character.  Or the Lois to his Peter Griffin.  Like those animated female woman, she is also sexy and savvy, but more importantly she's a tangible human being.  You've probably seen Julie all over television.  She always seems to light up the screen with her classic good looks and clear complexion.  She has her early commercial work for Neutrogena to thank for that flawless skin.  Has anyone ever looked more lovely splashing water on their face in slow motion?  I think not.

A word from Julie: "It's lived in perpetuity, that big frozen orb of dyed hair."

Julie is referring to her role as Virginia Venit in Happy Gilmore.

Sure, maybe her hair looks funny in it, but I think most of us were paying more attention to the sprinkler-soaked white teddy she wore and the two pitchers of beer she was holding. Ahhh... dream sequences. I'll drink to that.

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