In an effort to slowly transition into an "all A.D., all the time" news site, we're (read: I'm) ramping up the coverage of the show in a shameless attempt to capture traffic from people searching for the show in anticipation of the new season coming out over Memorial Day weekend.

That's actually not true at all. We write about it because it's the best comedy of the past million years, and stories about Arrested Development are largely more interesting than stories about anything else.

This one is no exception.

After months of rumors (that I apparently had never heard) that the new season of A.D. was going to be constructed in such a fashion that the episodes can be played in any order, it turns out that creator Mitch Hurwitz has taken to Twitter to deny that.

Oh well. As far as I'm concerned, the first three seasons can be watched in any order with a such a small drop-off of enjoyment that I'm pretty sure this next season will be the same thing.

Unless the season sucks.