Mind-Blowing News: They’re Doing A ‘Scanners’ TV Series

Friday, July 22 by

David Cronenberg’s scifi/horror/head-explodey movie Scanners is famous even to people who haven’t seen it (like me, yet) for its scene of a guy’s head exploding. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, they’ll be more to the upcoming Scanners TV series being developed by Dimension Films.

Horror-remake-master Alexandre Aja has been signed to executive produce and “possibly direct” the pilot episode. Apparently the original plan was for a big-screen remake, but with genre TV like The Walking Dead making head-exploding amounts of cash for AMC, this was re-jiggered into a small-screen series. I wonder if this show’s success could lead to more Cronenberg TV series – I’d just love to see a show based on Crash– no, not that Crash, the other one. (Deadline)

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