Michelle Obama, who must have been seething with jealousy after seeing Joe Biden get all that praise from the comedy world, is following in the Vice President's footsteps and making a cameo on Parks and Recreation for the show's season finale.

What's she going to do? No idea? Probably talk about fitness and her "Let's Move" campaign to encourage physical fitness and activity among kids. BUT, maybe she's doing something far cooler.

Like what you ask? Hmm. How about...

  • Perd Hapley's spurned lover and/or baby mama

  • A rival woodworker with whom Ron Swanson shares a bitter rivalry

  • Backup singer for Mouserat

  • A government delegate sent to slap April Ludgate across the face for having such a bitter attitude about everything

  • Assassin sent by Eagleton to kill Leslie Knope, because Eagleton people are evil

  • Donning a greensuit and serving as the mo-cap actor for a CGI Lil' Sebastian

One of those has to be right.