Michael Mann & David Milch Reach An Agreement Over ‘Luck’

Friday, April 22 by

David Milch and Michael Mann are both known for having strict and unyielding creative visions – Milch as the creator of TV shows like “Deadwood,” and Michael Mann as the director of films like Public Enemies and Heat. So it’s been a tough partnership on their newest project, the HBO series “Luck,” about the world of horse racing. Here’s a joint statement from the two of them (too bad it’s not 4/20, I could make a pretty funny joke about the phrase “joint statement”):

“We decided — as two men who have been around for a number of years — we ought to be smart enough to figure out a mechanism that would enable us to work together to our and the series’ benefit. And we did.”

The nature of that mechanism is that Milch has final say on the scripting of the show, while Mann has final say on everything else. Is it me or did Milch kind of get the short end of the stick there? Oh well, I guess that’s why he’s in television and Mann is in movies. (Vulture)

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