Before they decided to go with Charlie from Party of Five, the producers of LOST had much different plans for Dr. Jack Shepard. Originally, J.J. Abrams approached Michael Keaton about playing the role... and planned to kill him off in the pilot episode.
Keaton says he was thinking about doing it until Abrams called to let him know that "Dr. Jack Shepard," who was slated to die in the first episode of the original pilot, would instead be a series regular. "I said, 'I'll seriously consider it, send me the script,'" says Keaton. "He said, 'No, we're keeping the guy alive,' and I said, 'Oh, ok, well I can't do that.'"

Despite the success of "Lost," Keaton says he knows he made the right decision. "I wouldn't do it if the guy was going to be in the show every week," he says. "An hour show every week... I've got stuff to do, I've got a life to lead. When would I fish?"

I can understand Keaton's decision not to move to the beautiful landscape of Hawaii for most of the year. It's too bad that things didn't go as originally planned. Had Keaton played Jack and been killed off early in the series, he could always come back as a ghost. The ghost with the most.

(via Blastr)