A number of cities were vying to host Comic-Con last year, but Springfield really should have been in the running. Nerdy celebrities seem drawn to the town like jocks to an obnoxious geek with stretchy underwear. Recent examples include the Flight of the Concords duo, Seth Rogen, Ira Glass, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and regular pal around Stephen Hawking. Well, add another nerd to the nerd pile (which is next to Springfield's flaming tire pile): Michael Cera.

[post-album postid="15507" item="1"]Cera will guest star on the next season of "The Simpsons" as a seemingly splendid love interest for Lisa. He'll play a boy named Nick in an episode called "The Daughter Also Rises," not "Nick and Lisa's Infinite Playtime" or something similar. Here's what Executive Producer Al Jean says about the episode:
“He starts quoting Hemingway and she says, ‘You’re not a product of the Springfield public schools, are you?’ And he goes, ‘No, I come to Springfield for the food and the women,’” says executive producer Al Jean. “So he talks a good game. [But] she starts to realize that he’s less than expected.”

A new kid in Springfield who's as smart as Lisa? I don't believe it, or at least I wouldn't, if I hadn't seen it many, many times before. Ah well, I imagine it's hard for a show that's been on for over 20 seasons, which begins each episode with a boy writing the same thing on a chalkboard multiple times, to not repeat itself. (EW)