I've found the perfect analogy here, so don't you dare stop reading now. If the world of network television can be compared to the competitive environment of bookstores in the cinematic tour de force You've Got Mail, then NBC is the mom-and-pop book store, and the rest of the TV landscape would be Fox Books.

But rather than have Meg Ryan seduce and make love to the rest of the networks in order to garner some leniency (which I'm sure NBC nor Ryan have ruled out), the Peacock will just toss her in a sitcom. Undoubtedly, the pitch went something like this:

NBC Exec One: Our network sucks. We need a great idea to fix it, and one that isn't Knight Rider, the Munsters, or some gritty reboot of some bullshit fairy tale story.

(Deafening, uncomfortable silence from the table)

NBC Exec Two: Meg...Ryan?

NBC Exec One: Perfect! HALF DAY!

Ryan will be playing a non-confrontational, single mom (oh fuck me, really?) who returns to a publishing company that she used to run, only to find herself working for a thirty year old.

If you can find ways to make this concept more trite, please send your suggestions to NBC Studios, c/o Anthrax Receivables.