Mary Lynn Rajskub From ’24′ Makes Jokes At the Expense of a Dying Earth

Wednesday, April 22 by

Check out this heartfelt promo that ran on Fox featuring Mary Lynn Rajskub from 24 reminding us all that going green is a group effort. 

GO GREEN WITH GIRL FROM 24 – Watch more Funny Videos

I hope that Mary’s 24 residuals are enough to cover her food, water and utilities in the cave she’ll be hiding in for the next ten years so that angry Greenpeace types don’t find her and strap her to a Killer Whale.  Yes, that is precisely how Greenpeace exacts their revenge upon public figures like Mary, who’ve obviously been contractually forced to participate in these sorts of misfires, well meaning as they may be.

That’s why Greenpeace’s slogan is "No mercy."



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