Mary-Louise Parker Talks Dirty About Upcoming Rough Sex on ‘Weeds’

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Mary-Louise Parker is great at vamping up her sex appeal on “Weeds” in her little boots and sun dresses. If you’re an admirer lik I am, you’ll love this season’s eighth episode. When Nancy Botwin (Parker) rolls her Winnebago into town, she hooks up with a local bartender and, because it’s Showtime, you see everything and then some. He spanks her pretty little bottom and she hits back!

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"That was kind of my idea because I felt like sex scenes can be incredibly rote,” Parker said in an exclusive interview while promoting the movie Red. “Generally there’s more going on with two people when they’re having sex than just them groaning and grunting. I feel like it’s a chance to really say something about someone.”

Who knew Nancy liked it rough? And how cool is Parker for going there? “There’s something about her that’s very immature and there’s something about her that, really, she needs something punitive. She needs a little bit of abuse and I think part of that is her inner guilt and part of that is her true helplessness. Part of that is there’s something kinky about her and I wanted it to be like that and I wanted it to go as far as it could because I felt like she was depleted at that point and she really needed something and needed to feel something.”

Showtime can have a naked woman wrestling up against a bar. The scene was bound only by the limits of Parker’s imagination, and her costar’s endurance. “I wanted it to go even farther than that but that was quite far and after we did one of the takes, [the actor] was like, ‘Um, I’m bleeding.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know why or how.’ He said, ‘I don’t either’ but he was awesome.

“Weeds” airs Mondays on Showtime. Episode 8 premieres October 11.

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