Marvel Takes Another Hit As Drew Goddard Leaves Netflix Series ‘Daredevil’

Tuesday, May 27 by
They transferred him.  

First Edgar Wright packs up his stuff and leaves Marvel’s Ant-Man, and now Drew Goddard is stepping down from Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil. Even with the success of X-Men, that’s some pretty rough news for the studio.

However, at least Goddard didn’t leave over the “creative differences” that Edgar Wright cited. Rather, Goddard has chosen to focus on a Spider-Man spinoff Sinister Six. Which, of course is also a Marvel property. So it’s unlikely this came as a surprise to them. He stays in the Marvel machine, but that is probably cold comfort for the producers of Daredevil, who lose a fan favorite such as Goddard to another project.

Goddard, best known for his work with Joss Whedon on Buffy and s, will stay on as a consultant. What that means is unclear, other than he’ll continue to get paid by the series. Nice work, Drew.


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