Marvel Rolling Out Five New TV Shows For Us

Wednesday, October 16 by
They're all so attractive! 

While you might not have an opinion of The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel has formulated one after three episodes – they like it. So much so that they’re developing many other shows based on their properties. So if you thought that TV was a refuge from the tired product turned out in popular films…


The shows are seemingly (reports aren’t yet clear) that the comic book juggernaut is pitching the shows to Amazon, Netflix, and cable outlets, which at least means that they might not have to be watered down for network TV audiences.

Now, the fact that Marvel is reaching so widely with these series means that budget constraints from networks might prevent some of these series from becoming big budget affairs. This is promising if you’re over the idea of effects-doused spectacle. But only if you think that Marvel can go in the other direction successfully.

We shall see…

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