After taking fifteen years off from the small screen racket, Martin Lawrence could be making a comeback. Vulture reports that the comedian, who has a penchent for acting sassy in drag, is in deep negotiations with CBS to star in and executive produce a new sitcom for the network. Now it's up to Hollywood's most talented TV writers to pitch an idea that Lawrence, the network, the studio, and Sheneneh can all agree on. I'd go with Damn, Gina! if a spin-off series was desired, but I imagine too much time has past for that catch phrase to remain relevant.

Lawrence played the title role in Martin on Fox from 1992 to 1997, starring in 130 episodes. The question is would his return to network television result in the same kind of success? It certainly would add some diversity to a landscape packed with Caucasians. If African-Americans make it on sitcoms at all these days, it's usually as a token best friend or an animated character voiced by a white guy. I say it's a fantastic idea to have Lawrence shake things up on CBS. They could even have his character move into a white suburban community. And please let there be a misunderstanding with the neighborhood watch.