Christopher Guest is going to take his cracker-dry wit from the big screens of theaters to the slightly-less-big screens of TV sets with his new HBO series Family Tree, which I infer will have to do with a family of anthropomorphic trees, at least one of whom plays by his or her own rules.

Shit. That's not right.

The title Family Tree apparently refers to a less literal interpretation of the phrase. In the show, a man inherits a box of heirlooms, leading him to connect with family members who possess varying levels of wackiness. The project will star Guest stalwarts Christopher McKean, Fred "We're all going to ignore the elephant in the room because he's so likable" Willard,  and Ed Begley Jr.

If I was better with Photoshop, I would insert just below a picture featuring the cropped outlines of Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, and Jennifer Coolidge staring pensively at a phone, the implication being that they're waiting for it to ring, because they are so routinely cast in Mr. Guest's projects.

But I suck at Photoshop, so here's a picture of Boo: