Well, it appears that creator Matthew Weiner isn't going anywhere for the next two to three years. AMC and Lionsgate have just announced that they have locked him down for seasons five and six (and possibly seven). Sooooo, we'll be watching"Mad Men" until the characters are driving DeLoreans and listening to "Safety Dance." Yay!

This news comes off the heels of the announcement this morning that Lionsgate signed Tyler Perry up for two more Madea movies, which puts Lionsgate's net goodwill accumulation today at "breakeven" or "slightly down."

While it was granted that Mad Men would resume production in 2011 for airing in 2012, Weiner's involvement was unknown as he was rumored to have objected to some of AMC's stipulations, including one more commercial break per episode, the elimination of some recurring characters, and product placement. It's unknown how those issues shook out, but knowing how well Hollywood keeps a secret, we should have that information in the next 15-20 minutes.