The new season of Louie on FX began with the episode “Pregnant.” Coming up, the double episode “Bummer/Blueberries” features two sexual fantasies of Louis C.K. “Bummer” has Louie (C.K.) becoming desirable to a woman after he goes dark and brooding. “Blueberries” has a teacher from his kids’ school solicit him for casual sex, and grocery shopping.

“Neither of those things ever happened,” C.K. admitted in a conference call with the media. “They’re both total fantasies. I mean, there’s a lot of very attractive, well put together women in show business, like assistants and agents that I’ve met, people that work on TV shows. The few times that I’ve reached out to one of them, it’s been a laughable gulf between us. So this was a fantasy of what if somebody just wanted to spend some time with me for the hell of it.” [post-video postid="213491"]

The incident that triggers Louie’s fascinated attitude involves a homeless man getting hit by a bus right in front of him. C.K. wrote the death so graphically for purely artistic reasons.

“The reason his head comes off is because I wanted to make it clear that there’s nothing I could have done to help,” C.K. said. “If he had just gotten hit by the truck, then I would’ve stayed there and made sure an ambulance came. Once the head comes off of a total stranger, you pretty much don’t have any obligation anymore. So that’s just something I dreamt up.”

Consulting producer Pamela Adlon had a hand in the “Blueberries” story. “The story with the mom at the school and the blueberries, it’s something that Pamela Adlon and I, last summer when I first got picked up for a second season, two minutes after they told me I had a second season, I thought, ‘Shit, I need more stories.’ The two of us started talking about funny energies and funny notions. I think we wrote that story together in just five minutes of hitting it back and forth.”

If you haven’t gotten on board with Louie yet, now is the time. C.K. has thrown continuity out the window. “One thing about the show is if you miss the whole first season, it really doesn’t matter. This season has absolutely no bearing. It’s like a whole other product. I don’t have a brother this season. I have two sisters that probably won’t be in the third season. It’s just a whole different group of people. We live in a different apartment than we used to. It’s all different stuff.”

Louie airs Thursdays at 10:30 on FX.