Louis C.K. Is A No-Good Commie

Friday, December 23 by

Here’s a story that will make you upchuck your eggnog. After making over $1 million in just 12 days with his own online comedy special, Louis C.K. is giving $780,000 of the profits to employees and various charitable organisations, and keeping only $220,000 for himself. What an asshole.

I felt uncomfortable about having that much money, so I kind of broke it in four pieces. Two fifty went back to pay for the special, like I replenished my company. Another two fifty went to people that work for me, that work really hard. I gave them all bonuses. And then I took another 280 thousand and donated it to a bunch of charities.

Anyone who feels “uncomfortable” around money is a god damn communist, just like those Muppet sons of bitches. Felt bastards.

I never viewed money as being “my money” I always saw it as “The money” It’s a resource. if it pools up around me then it needs to be flushed back out into the system.

Oh, look! The guy who makes shit jokes thinks he’s an econ professor, now. The only system that needs flushing is the septic system, which has been over run by Louis C.K.‘s liberal bile.

See, this is why I only watch comedians like Jay Leno. Now there’s a man who knows what to do with his money. I sleep better at night knowing that the bulk of his cash is going to mantain a fleet of classic cars rather than to help some foreign kids get clean drinking water.

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