LeVar Burton Raised $2MM In His ‘Reading Rainbow’ Kickstarter In 1 Day

Thursday, May 29 by
Good guy. Good cause. Good feelings.  

Take note, Zach Braff: This is how you Kickstart. Everyone’s favorite PBS personality (eat it, Bob Ross!), LeVar Burton, took to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise $1 million to get the 1980’s children’s program Reading Rainbow back on the air.

24 hours later, he’s hovering around $2 million, but the show STILL isn’t back on the air. Oh well, we’ll call it a success. It takes longer than 24 hours to produce a TV show, I think.

Finally, a promising use of Kickstarter in the world of entertainment. In case the figures alone aren’t inspirational enough, here’s a video of LeVar Burton tearing up and thanking contributors for the financial support demonstrated in such short time.

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