Joe Halderman, the television producer who tried to extort millions of dollars from David Letterman, is out of jail and gainfully employed. Who says the prison system is broken?

Halderman spent six months behind bars for trying to blackmail Letterman over his extramarital affairs. It turns out one of the girls Letterman was banging on the side also happened to be Halderman's live-in girlfriend. Apparently, Halderman didn't take too kindly to the talkshow host's sloppy seconds, and decided to hatch a plan for revenge. Considering Letterman's marriage survived, and Halderman went to jail, I think it's safe to say that the plan was kind of shitty.

For those of you who feel that six months was too short of a sentence, keep in mind Halderman will be working for On the Case with Paula Zahn. If anything, that should count for community service.

I have no idea why I'm bashing Paula Zahn. Happy New Year!