Not content to simply dress as Psy for Halloween, Lena Dunham has courted controversy by recommending a costume via Twitter. It all began when Mindy Kaling tweeted Dunham suggesting that she, Kaling, and B.J. Novak dress as the West Memphis Three. Dunham responded that Kaling and Novak should dress as Canadian rapists and murderers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, adding: 'I'll be her sister they murdered. Scariest! Luv U,' referring to 15-year-old Tammy Homokla.

Her Canadian followers (including those that knew victims of the couple) voiced their offense and Dunham quickly apologized with the following tweets.

'I obviously don’t find rape or murder funny, rather the concept of a trio of hapless people in poor taste Halloween costumes,'

Sounds like a fun party. We're obscure early 90's Canadian murderer/rapists and their teen victim. You've probably never heard of them.

'Generally not a proponent of apologizing for one’s work but that tweet wasn't my work — it was as throwaway as most 140 character thoughts.'

So.... that's an apology?

'Obviously didn't understand what a painful part of the Canadian identity the Bernardo/Homolka case was. Saw a TV movie w/ Laura Prepon,'

Don't drag Laura into this.

'Part of the reason I was so concerned is that I’ve always dreamed of retiring to Canada.'


If anything, this serves as a reminder that we all need to be more careful with the thoughts we share in this day and age. And if Lena Dunham is still trying to decide upon a Halloween costume, here's a suggestion: PANTS. (Daily Mail)