LeBron has taken to Starz with his upcoming show Survivor's Remorse, which sounds like it should be a J.J. Abrams show about the living victims of a plane crash, but is actually about a couple dudes from Philly who are able to make it (presumably via basketball skills), and feel some regret when they realize they've "made it," and left their old lives behind.

Or maybe it's just about a guy named Survivor and his interminable sadness. Nah. That's just as weird.

Sounds like kind of a lot of introspection who eschews realism on the basketball court for wild flops, but that's probably my seething hatred of LeBron James tainting my objectivity.

Rather, I remain optimistic that this show will be groundbreaking and at least as good as Breaking Bad, but with more headbands to hide people's baldness.