Tornados have devastated the South, killing 300 people in their wake. Far less important: Fox is postponing new episodes of their animated series because of it. I think we'll all manage just fine.

Due to national sensitivity about the storms, Fox is holding off on airing special crossover episodes of "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show" until next season. The story device that brings all the universes together is a hurricane, so I can see how that would be in poor taste. Then again,"Family Guy" has aired lengthy musical numbers about people contracting AIDS and teenagers abandoning their babies in a dumpster, so I wouldn't call Seth MacFarlane and Fox, "America's Most Sensitive Content Team."

I like that they're employing the far-under utilized TV crossover gimmick, though these shows have all overlapped several times in the past. At least, "Family Guy" has with the other two. Now, if there was a "Simpsons" / MacFarlaneverse crossover, with some "Bob's Burgers" sprinkled in, you'd have my very valuable attention. (Deadline)