Law & Order: SVU’ Picked Up For 16th Season Of Madcap Fun In The Big Apple

Friday, May 9 by

There are certain constants in this world. the most notable of which is, “If there is nothing good on TV, at the very least, I can watch a Law & Order rerun. I don’t care if I’ve seen it before.”

However, we often forget, to make those Law & Order: Special Victims Unit reruns, we must actually have a first-run L&O series on NBC. So the network, as a means to the end of cranking out those reruns, has announced that the show will come back for a 16th season.

More rapes, more painfully-named fake Internet sites, more instances of Ice-T deeming things “messed up,” and more painfully-named fake Internet sites. I really can’t stress the Internet thing enough. They’re terrible.

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