Last Night Oprah Begged For Ratings In A Very Un-Orpah-Like Fashion

Monday, February 13 by
She then later sent a Tweet asking fans to maybe give her a ride to O'Hare at 6:30 AM, then maybe help her move this weekend.  

If you were checking Oprah‘s Twitter feed during the Grammys, then at around 8:03 last night, you were asked by Ms. Winfrey to turn to her OWN station. Not because they had something good on, but because they REALLY wanted high ratings last night.

February marks sweeps for TV stations, which means that the ratings they garner during February are used to set their ad rates for the next few months. Rather than scheduling some compelling television, Oprah figured she would cut some corners and simply ask her minions to tune in in the most brusk way possible.

Further, she may have violated a contract made with the Nielsen company, who collects the data and creates the ratings for television stations. When stations team up with Nielsen, they pledge to not go out of their way to solicit viewers that have Nielsen boxes, which it appears Oprah very overtly did with this Tweet.

I’m sure very little will come of that breach, but more interesting is the wholesale consumption of her own pride in Oprah’s plea to the people. You’re coming off as a littleĀ desperate, Oprah.

Click here to enjoy Deadline’s objective analysis of OWN’s fare in the last line of this article.

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