Jason Segel has added nine new cast members to his upcoming Muppet movieJack Black (Tropic Thunder) Paul Rudd (Role Models), Jane Lynch (Glee), Danny Trejo (Machete), Eric Stonestreet "Modern Family"), Donald Glover ("Community"), John Krasinski "The Office") and Ed Helms ("The Office") have all been confirmed for the ensemble. However, one name stands out like a brown stain on an otherwise clean pair of tighty whities: Lady Gaga.

That's right; the woman who struts around in an outfit made of Kermit the Frog heads has been cast in the latest Muppet film. Unless she's playing an evil villain or is killed off in the first 20 seconds, I have to seriously question this decision. In my last Muppet related article, I said that Segel could name the film “The Cancer Causing Anti-American Puppet Crapstravaganza,” and I’d still go see it twice. Well, Lady Gaga alters the deal. Sure, I'll still see it twice, but once is definitely going to be a matinee. (Collider)