Kirsten Dunst And Jessie Plemmons Will Be In The Next Season Of ‘Fargo’

Wednesday, December 10 by

Without doing too much to spoil the previous season of Fargo (watch Fargo, btw), suffice it to say that some new people were going to have to be cast. And two of the people announced today are pretty big names. FX has announced castingĀ Jessie Plemmons from Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights, as well Kristen Dunst, who is from LOTS of stuff.

Dunst proved she could handle the Minnesota accent in Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Plemmons has demonstrated that he’s very comfortable playing a sociopath without a soul, so these are two very logical choices. No word on what the second installment will be about, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be good.

And violent. And sad. But those things can be good.

(A.V. Club)

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