Kevin James, after pursuing a promising movie career underestimating the American public, is now looking to go back to what got him there in the first place...television. He's looking at what's called a "10-90" sitcom, which I thought was the age range suitable for the show, but is actually how the order is structured. The network or studio orders 10 episodes without a pilot, trusting that Kevin James would never steer them wrong or hurt them. Then, as long as those episodes hit a ratings threshold, the studio will be obligated to order 90 more.


It's the same deal we've seen with lots of other lowbrow TV shows, including those from Tyler Perry, Charlie Sheen's Anger Management, the Martin Lawrence-Jennifer Lawrence Kelsey Grammer show, and new projects from both Roseanne and George Lopez.

Double yikes. That's a lot of resting on laurels right there. It seems that this structure exists simply to bank on a star's marketability, rather than content, which means that it's the structure that network execs have been craving for years now.

There's no word on what the Kevin James show will be about, but you can bet it will be schlubby as hell.

To reiterate..."Yikes."