Ken Marino recently starred in the excellent series "Party Down." However, I will always most closely associate Marino with his infamous catchphrase from the 90s sketch comedy show "The State": "I wanna dip my balls in it!" That parody of sketch comedy catchphrases is more infectious and hilarious than most real ones. Does The Target Lady on "SNL" have a catchphrase? If she does, do I care? I know the answer to one of those questions.

So it's nice to hear that actor/writer Marino will be starring with Rob Riggle "The Daily Show") on the new CBS sitcom pilot "Home Game." Hopefully, it won't be like when "The State" left MTV for CBS. *Shudders*

Riggle plays a recently retired football player who now has to live with that woman he impregnated and their off-spring, after a life on the road. Marino will play Mark's brother. Perhaps he has a thing for the wife? That would be a comedic conflict for the show's Conflict Bank.

Even though it's CBS, with Riggle and Marino involved, it can't be as bad as "Mike & Molly." Yup, I will keep telling myself that. (Deadline)