Ken Marino Dips His Balls In ‘Home Game’ With Rob Riggle

Friday, March 4 by

Ken Marino recently starred in the excellent series “Party Down.” However, I will always most closely associate Marino with his infamous catchphrase from the 90s sketch comedy show “The State”: “I wanna dip my balls in it!” That parody of sketch comedy catchphrases is more infectious and hilarious than most real ones. Does The Target Lady on “SNL” have a catchphrase? If she does, do I care? I know the answer to one of those questions.

So it’s nice to hear that actor/writer Marino will be starring with Rob RiggleThe Daily Show“) on the new CBS sitcom pilot “Home Game.” Hopefully, it won’t be like when “The State” left MTV for CBS. *Shudders*

Riggle plays a recently retired football player who now has to live with that woman he impregnated and their off-spring, after a life on the road. Marino will play Mark’s brother. Perhaps he has a thing for the wife? That would be a comedic conflict for the show’s Conflict Bank.

Even though it’s CBS, with Riggle and Marino involved, it can’t be as bad as “Mike & Molly.” Yup, I will keep telling myself that. (Deadline)

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