Keira Knightley Joins Syfy Mini-Series. Wait, What?

Thursday, March 10 by

Keira Knightley Bra

That’s right. Keira Knightley is cashing checks from the Syfy now. Though it won’t entail she roll around in cake with Deborah Gibson or go toe-to-toe with a Piranhceratops.

Knightley will loan her voice to Tinkerbell in the upcoming mini-series “Neverland.” Syfy’s live-action retelling of the classic story features other real non-Richard Grieco actors as well. Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Bob Hoskins, Charles Dance, Raoul Trujillo and Charlie Rowe have all signed on for roles.

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The story follows Rowe’s Peter, and his group of pickpocket friends. Rhys Ifans plays their mentor Jimmy Hook, who has them snatch a magical orb that sends them to Neverland. There they encounter magical tree spirits and pirates who are on the hunt for the secret to eternal youth.

I’m surprised to hear that there are none of Syfy’s horrific, hybrid monsters appearing in the series. J.M. Barrie’s original featured an alligator. It must be killing the execs at Syfy not to splice it with a snapping turtle or wild boar. At the very least, they could make it humongous. (Deadline)

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    El movimiento Neverlander está creciendo a pasos agigantados! La impotencia y la necesidad de encontrar (o crear) un mundo mejor está cada vez más presente en las personas y la conexión que sentimos con la verdadera esencia de las cosas es innegable.

    Esta serie no hace más que demostrar que actualmente el discurso de lo verdadero, de lo mágico y soñador consigue derribar los muros que nos separan a los unos de los otros.

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