Katie Couric To Go Do Her Thing Elsewhere

Monday, April 4 by

Believe it or not, Katie Couric has been the first female network news anchor on the “CBS Evening News” for almost five years now. That’s right, you’ve been not watching Katie Couric on TV in more than the time it takes to graduate college. And now it looks like Couric has (along with Charlie Sheen) graduated CBS , because it’s being reported that she’s leaving her anchor spot, possibly to host a syndicated talk show of some kind.

It’s fairly unusual for a major network news anchor to abandon his or her post after just five years, but perhaps Couric is eager to smile and perhaps even laugh on TV again. She hasn’t made any official announcement yet, but multiple sources have confirmed she won’t be renewing her contract, which expires on June 4th. Let’s hope she figures out what to do before her legs start to go. (via Variety)

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