Actress/monstrosity Katherine Heigl, in a show of malevolence towards the moviegoers of America, is bringing her reign of terror to, not TV, but HBO. When will this woman stop? How many more people have to die, Ms. Heigl? The movie is The Knitting Circle, based on Ann Hood's semi-autobiographical novel which Heigl will insidiously star in and produce along with her mother Nancy. Try and read this horrifying plot synopsis without cursing whatever deity would allow such evil to be let loose upon the world:
"[The movie is about] a mother mourning the death of her young daughter and struggling to overcome the grief that jeopardizes every aspect of her life, including her marriage. She begins to find her way back into the world through a knitting circle and the stories its members share."

And instead of being confined to movie theaters like the usual Katherine Heigl fare, this will be on HBO, where you or I or any other innocent cable subscriber could happen upon it while flipping through channels! Send your letters with the word "why?" written over and over again to HBO and Katherine Heigl. (Deadline)