Sure, every TV critic and message board commenter has made clear their thoughts on HBO's polarizing series Girls, but the nation was still asking itself...

"What does the guy who popularized the skyhook think about all this?"

Exhale, America. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, courtesy of The Huffington Post, has shared his thoughts, and insights on the matter. Reading the musings of a retired athlete on any facet of pop culture had me cringing, but while Abdul-Jabaar's not a writer by trade (and it shows), he does bring some wit to well-worn criticisms, namely calling the laughable two-episode arc with Donald Glover that of a "jungle fever lover," and that "a black dildo would have sufficed and cost less."

While that is actually pretty funny and damning, the fact remains that Girls is a realistic show about shitty white girls who live in Brooklyn. And shitty people aren't always inclusive or diverse, especially not rich ones. So to say that depiction is somehow a fault of the show has always seemed a little misguided.

No one's depicting American History X as reprehensible because it shows a bunch of white supremacists not hanging out with black people.

Am I saying that the characters on Girls are as morally twisted as those in American History X? Let's wait until the end of season two of Girls before answering that.