‘Justified’ To Wrap Up After Season Six

Thursday, January 9 by
The news comes from the president of the FX network. (Pictured) 

After the show premiered to its smallest audience for any opener (2.84 million people), it has been announced by FX president Nick Grad that Justified will do a victory lap in season six, then disappear forever, like so many tattooed Kentucky villains.

Grad insists the decision was made irrespective of the lower audience numbers, but rather so that the show could complete a timely, enduring arc. I’m not sure that I believe him.

While the show’s numbers aren’t offensive, FX might be developing a higher performance standard for it shows, and might want to clear out a schedule slot for another show that they can incubate with their now-more-prestigious reputation.

But that aside, let the concern over the fates of Raylen Givens and Boyd Crowder begin now.

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