Ricky Gervais sure pissed off a lot of people the other night at the "Golden Globes." Among the officially incensed is comedy producer / kingmaker Judd Apatow. The helmer of such hits as 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up thought Gervais was too mean and snarky to the poor wittle Howwywood Cewebwities, who have apparently never been made fun of before last Sunday?

After Gervais slammed Tim Allen before his entrance, Apatow tweeted, "The Santa Clause was better than The Invention of Lying.” Defensive much? Later on, Apatow tweeted, "Ricky Gervais should do an episode of 'extras' where he hosts 'the golden globes' and is out of tune. Cut to female friend looking disappointed.” Then he asked his followers to write kinder, less cruel jokes for his hosting gig at the "Producers Guild Awards," and the winning entries will be read on stage. Here are a few highlights:
@totallymorgan The PGA Awards are so cheap even the host had to crowd-source material.

@alecowen It’s not hard to be funny and not vicious. For example, fuck you.

@isaac_arquieta Were you all REALLY expecting @JuddApatow to pick funny jokes?? Hasn’t done it in over 5 movies, Why would he start now?

From what I'm hearing, most regular folks seemed to enjoy Gervias' performance and some tweeted Apatow back statements like, "@JuddApatow seems surprisingly bitter." Later, Apatow revealed he was tweeting at 2 am. I'll chalk this up to another case of "sleep before you tweet." (Collider)