Josh Lucas To Officially Be Tom Cruise(‘s Character In NBC’s ‘The Firm’)

Wednesday, June 8 by

NBC has officially signed Josh Lucas on the its TV adaptation of The Firm. An exalted nation lets out a “Huh. Really?” in response to the news. While it might not be the lifeline that NBC needs to get back into contention with the other networks, it sounds like a solid premise that offers a more dynamic (and interesting) spin on the whole “Hey! Look at us! We’re lawyers!” premise that so many legal dramas embrace.

Lucas will be playing the role of Mitchell McDeere, the role made famous by Tom Cruise in the film. The story picks up ten years later as McDeere and family (I guess he had some kids) emerge from the witness protection program to discover that threats to their safety still exist. If Josh Lucas is capable of running down the street in a suit half as well as Tom Cruise was, we’re in for a treat.

The Firm” will premiere at mid-season on NBC, and will continue to air until Mitch McDeere completely runs out of things to run away from.

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