Josh Lucas is now the proud owner of a stylish NBC tote. The actor is close to finalizing a deal to play the lead in NBC's midseason drama "The Firm." Based on the John Grisham movie and Tom Cruise movie of the same name, "The Firm" tells the story of a lawyer who runs around a lot while being hunted by Wilfred Brimley.

[post-album postid="214190" item="1"]However, the series adaptation is reported to pick up ten years after the events of the film, continuing the story of Mitch McDeere.
As a young associate, McDeere brought down a prestigious Memphis law firm, which operated as a front for the Chicago mob -- and his life was never the same. After a difficult decade, which included a stay in the Federal Witness Protection program, Mitch and his family now emerge from isolation to reclaim their lives and their future -- only to find that past dangers are still lurking and new threats are everywhere.

As such, it's unlikely Brimley will be doing any stalking. But it would be doable if they get him a Jazzy Powerchair. One of the quieter models. (Deadline)