Jordana Brewster, best known for roles in movies like The Faculty and The Fast And The Furious, has been cast in a lead role in TNT's "Dallas," a reboot/continuation/whathaveyou of the original nighttime soap opera.

Brewster has been cast as the daughter of the cook on the ranch that serves as the setting for the show. Of course, she's ensnared in a love triangle with the two male leads, who play the progeny of the original show's main characters brothers JR and Bobby Ewing. Expect a lot of sneaking off to the barn for those three (if we're lucky).

It remains to be seen whether or not people will give a shit about a new "Dallas," as the original went off the air twenty years ago (after a staggering 357 episodes), but one thing is for sure: Jordana Brewster is basic cable's answer to Jennifer Connelly, and for that, I'll at least watch the pilot.