Jonah Hill And Fox Are Besties

Monday, January 31 by

Jonah Hill is continuing his laid back domination on the American comedy landscape by launching his own production shingle, JHF. The actor/writer/producer has also secured a first look development deal with Fox TV. The network has already bought a sitcom script from Hill, that he might direct, and they’ve committed to a seven episode order of his animated series “Allen Gregory,” about a precocious 7 year old’s foray into elementary school. Said Hill of his new unit:

“Now I can finally make that show I’ve always wanted to make about high school kids singing and dancing in some sort of a ‘singing-club’ type program at their school. Wait…what? There already is a show like that on FOX? What? It’s like the most popular show ever? Uh oh… I wanted to create JHF so I and all of the talented writers I know could write funny and interesting television shows that we’d love to see: Allen Gregory being the first, and hopefully many more to follow I am a lucky guy to get to do what I do for a living, and hope to help create that opportunity for talented young writers and performers.”

Let’s hope this means there’s a new era of quirky, naturalistic comedy coming to the airwaves soon, and that JHF takes off in a big way. And by that I mean, let’s hope this guy gives all mid to late twenty something Jewish comedy writers a big fat sack of money. *Cough Cough* Like me.


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