Looks like Johnny Depp would like to move away from playing roles that require silly hats. Fox News asked the actor which roles he would like to do before retiring and he mentioned an adaptation that he currently has in the works.

Depp revealed that he's at work on The Ginger Man. The novel by JP Donleavy is considered a comic masterpiece. It tells the tale of an American who travels to 1950's Dublin to study law but instead spends his time drinking, gambling, and boinking. So, in other words, being awesome.

In addition to that, he'd also like to adapt the Tom Robbins novel Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates. In the film he would play a CIA Agent pedophile (the most dangerous kind) who travels to Peru and gets some drugs (that's good). But the drugs also come with a curse (that's bad). If his feet ever touch the ground, he will die instantly. Sounds like somebody's getting a Jazzy! (via Cinematical)