John Stamos Does Not Care To Wear Sheen’s Bowler Shirt

Friday, March 11 by

John Stamos does not wish to be the highest paid actor on television. He’s got his own money, thank you. Money he earned through hard work, good hygiene, and laughing at Dave Coulier’s jokes.

Early reports were that Chuck Lorre wanted this handsome S.O.B. to take over for Charlie Sheen after he went nuclear and got fired from “Two and a Half Men.” Stamos had the chance to speak out in dulcet, mercy-requesting tones earlier today.

“I don’t want to replace anyone, especially Charlie Sheen. It’s just not where my head is at.”

“Nobody has officially talked to me and, quite frankly, as flattering as it is, it’s really not part of my career plan right now. I’m just on a different trajectory.”

“Charlie is great on that show and people love Charlie on that show and people love the way the show is,” he said. “So, in the big scheme of things, apparently there’s a lawsuit going on, so I don’t know, but I hope it works out and I hope he goes back and people get the show that they love.”

So both Rob Lowe and now Stamos have decided not to be Jon Cryer‘s handsome foil. Seems like nobody wants to step into Sheen’s shoes. Which is probably a good choice. No telling what foot diseases that madman has picked up at all those kissing parties. (E!)

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