Finally, a politician addresses a meaningful topic. Like television. John McCain has been addressing flaws in the current cable hegemony for several years now, but over the past few days he's made even more noise regarding their practices.

Namely, he doesn't like that cable bundles force us to buy channels we don't want or use. It's a familiar criticism, but one that's unlikely to change due to the power of cable companies, McCain's distance from the Senate Commerce Committee, and the fact that the cure might be worse than the disease.

Should cable companies unbundle, subscribers will have to shell out big bucks for their favorite channels like ESPN, FX, AMC, USA, TNT, and TBS, forcing them to realize that maybe they weren't paying all that much for the Lifetime Movie Network in the first place.

The plan McCain is sponsoring is called the Television Consumer Freedom Act. The phrase "Television Consumer" makes me think of a fat person on the couch watching Anger Management, and "Freedom" makes me think that person is holding a tiny USA flag while doing so.