Jodie Foster Directing A Sort-Of Female ‘Sopranos’

Tuesday, August 14 by
Nell will straight up fucking murder you if you don't make that vig payment.  

Showtime, long the refuge of poorly-behaving female characters will get a handful more as Jodie Foster signs on to direct Angie’s Body, which, despite sounding like a 50 Shades of Grey knock-off, is actually the story of a woman who runs a crime family.

Foster will also serve to executive produce the series, which, why not, considering that title is so nebulous that I think I’m currently executive producing the new Bill and Ted movie just by sitting here and writing this article.

While Showtime series have always resided in a slightly goofier space than its big brother HBO, the addition of Foster to this fun-sounding concept raises hopes a little bit.

The best part? We‘ll finally get an answer to the question “Who is the female Silvio Dante?*”






*Mischa Barton

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