In news that can't be construed as anything but sad, Jimmy Kimmel's uncle and Jimmy Kimmel Live fixture "Uncle" Frank Potenza has passed away at 77 years old. The show hasn't released any details as to Potenza's passing, but at 77, it's a safe, safe bet that the causes were natural.

The former cop was involved in virtually every show in one capacity or another, seemingly in on the joke when he would ask audience members or even guests racy or disarming questions. He could often also be found backstage, giving tours to audience members with birthdays, or occasionally flirting with starlets roughly 1/3 his age.

Kimmel had always set up the show as a family affair, featuring not only "Uncle Frank" but "Cousin Sal" and even carving out a spot for security team member Guillermo Diaz. Surely, Kimmel will have many candidates to step in for Frank, but none will be able to replace his aloof charm and heart.