Jimmy Fallon Goes Totally 80s

Thursday, October 29 by

Last night on his late night show, Jimmy Fallon welcomed famed WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan and pop song parody master Weird Al Yankovic. As proof we’re not lying, watch Weird Al sing his classic Good Old Days: 

Well we here at Screen Junkies felt like we had slipped into a time warp and been dragged back to simpler times, when songs with different lyrics made us laugh, and wrestling seemed as real as the hope we had for our futures. We cherished those days. We’d like more than anything to relive them. So we did the next best thing, and imagined an entire week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with guests who influenced last century’s forgotten decade – the 80s.

Here are the bookings:       


Yahoo Serious, musical guest Culture Club (featuring Yahoo Serious)



Richard Simmons, K.I.T.T. (not featuring David Hasselhoff)



Max Headroom, Jose Canseco



Karim Abdul Jabbar, ALF



Emmanuel Lewis, musical guest Twisted Sister

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